About iCOMBAT Laser Tag

What makes iCOMBAT so unique?

One Goal: produce the most exciting laser tag equipment in the world

Our goal is to produce the most realistic and advanced tactical laser tag equipment the world has ever seen. We've developed key technologies to make this possible.

Developing laser tag since 2005

iCOMBAT has been developing laser tag since 2005 and have plans to continue driving well into the future. Laser combat has evolved. When it comes to laser tag technology and features, no one else even comes close. Did we mention all iCOMBAT gear is made in the USA?

The might of American manufacturing.

Brought to you by Universal Electronics Inc

iCOMBAT is owned and managed by Universal Electronics, Inc (UEI) in Whitewater, Wisconsin. UEI has been a staple in contract electronics manufacturing for over 30 years, designing and building for the defense, agricultural, scientific, medical, and industrial markets.

Universal Electronics, Inc

In operation are two state-of-the-art manufacturing centers in SE Wisconsin totaling over 130,000 square feet. The company surpassed 50 million dollars in yearly revenue in 2010 and continues to grow to this day. New divisions and products like iCOMBAT help fuel that growth.

Laser tag equipment for all markets.

Entertainment, police, home defense, and more

UEI started Predator Games laser tag in 2005 to provide paintball fields and entertainment venues with a feature-packed but affordable way to play laser tag. In 2010, irTactical was created, advancing the technology and placing it into very realistic laser tag systems for the professional police markets.

Today, those brands have merged into one: iCOMBAT. iCOMBAT services all those markets and continues to expand.

UEI currently holds patents and trademarks on the software, controls, CCM server, laser tag systems, online scoring, and the iCOMBAT license.

More certifications than any other.

iCOMBAT laser tag equipment meets and exceeds common certifications around the world