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irM4 CQB

A compact option for indoor gaming.

The irM4 QCB is a stock-less option with a shorter barrel for easier indoor use. It replicates one of the most known assault rifles in the world, the M16/M4, and is used by law enforcement and militaries all over the world. It has the same form, fit, and function as the real thing and brings the word realism up to a whole new level. You can even trick it out with your favorite scopes, lights, stocks, and other attachments. The irM4 syncs wirelessly to the irVest to record shot data, accuracy, and more. If a player is eliminated, their gun shuts off for a period of time preventing cheating! 

The QCB shares a lot of the same features as the irM4 including muzzle flash, live noise and recoil, ammo accountability, and more. Plus, the sling adds versality and safety. Outdoor laser tag combat action has never been more fun, safe, easy, and realistic.

  • Sling included

photo for irM4 CQB
photo for irM4 CQB
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