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Stop pushing a silly reload button.

The SmartMag powers each iCOMBAT weapon and acts as the brain of the system, allowing it to fire. The SmartMag keeps track of ammunition and stores the CO2 cartridge, which creates live noise and recoil in each weapon. No more reload button or cheesy electronic sounds. If you want to stay in the fight, drop your mag and slam a new one home. The irM4 ships with a 150 round SmartMag and additional magazine kits can be purchased. Kits include two 150 round SmartMags. The irPistol ships with a 15 round SmartMag that is reusable up to 2 times per cartridge. Additional mags can be purchased and mag capacity is adjustable in the ICE software.

SmartMags are the same size and weight as their real-life counterparts which also means supreme durability. You can drop your mag on the battlefield and fight on. SmartMags can be swapped between laser tag weapons without losing shot count. Plus, SmartMags feature our patented, tool-less quick load system for easy installation and removal of CO2 cartridges.

Pistol SmartMag uses 8 gram CO2 (Leland recommended). Rifle SmartMag uses 12 gram CO2 (Crosman recommended).

photo for SmartMag
photo for SmartMag
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