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Unranked Matches

Free Laser Tag Gaming

Play unlimited unranked matches without having an iCOMBAT License. Matches are fully customizable and controllable. Operators can set up the rules and control games. Each player can be controlled during the match for ultimate flexibility. The iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) features a live scoreboard so players and observers alike can see player stats, who's alive and eliminated, and more. Unranked games are a quick and easy way to play iCOMBAT and provide operators with an easy way to control all matches.

All iCOMBAT laser tag equipment works in unranked matches. Set up your teams, health, ammo, time, respawn rules, and you're off! The iCOMBAT Engine provides features and functions not found anywhere else.

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iCOMBAT software owned and protected by Universal Electronics, Inc. under U.S. Patent No. 9,011,223.