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photo for Zombie Mode

Zombie Mode

Full Zombie Integration

The iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) allows full zombie modes, which are completely customizable, with the irHeadband. Zombie rules can be set up making them harder or easier to eliminate. The irHeaband not only takes shots from other players, but it also can emit a short range signal. This makes zombie matches possible. If a zombie get's close enough to a player, that player will start taking damage.

Zombies are on their own team and can attack anything they see fit. Add another element to your laser tag operation and capitalize on the popularity of Halloween and zombies! No other laser tag system on the market has this capability built in.

photo for Zombie Mode
video for Zombie Mode

iCOMBAT software owned and protected by Universal Electronics, Inc. under U.S. Patent No. 9,011,223.