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What is an FDD?

A franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a legal document which is presented to prospective buyers of franchises in the pre-sale disclosure process in the United States.

How much total investment will this franchise require?

The franchise total is between $432,400 and  $960,950. Check out Investment Details for more information

How much will I need in operating capital reserves to cover losses after opening the franchise until it reaches the breakeven point in terms of cash flow?

We suggest that the operating cash be between $40,000 to $60,000 for the first three months.
How much extra cash do I need to cover living expenses while I'm starting my franchise?
This is one of the critical areas many new franchisees fail to consider. After becoming a franchisee, there's a gap in time before your new business begins operation and typically another gap before it starts making enough profit to cover your living expenses. You need to carefully budget your living expenses to understand how much you'll need on a monthly basis and then make sure you've got sufficient cash--in addition to your business investment--to cover your expenses during this period. Then add a significant reserve on top of this amount--it'll help you sleep better at night.

How long does it take to open?

There are many considerations that affect the time to sign the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) but once signed and site selection has been completed you can expect to be open in as little as 4 months. iCOMBAT will be part of the entire process and you will never walk alone!

What kind of assistance does the franchisor provide for site selection, construction support?

The iCOMBAT team has designed several incredible facilities around the world in such far ranging locations such as Mexico and Dubai. We can work the client on theming designs as well as the layout to create a singular experience. The iCOMBAT locations have similar layouts but different and extravagant movie set like fields to encourage players to visit different locations. Players who travel receive achievements resulting in bragging rights at their own fields.

Site Selection
Final site selection is your decision, we will work work with you to determine optimal facility location for best return on your investment.

Facility Design
We will design your facility based on our iCombat branded theme with your budget in mind.

Project Management
We will provide remote project management guidance through all stages of the process until your Grand Opening.

What sets you apart from your competitors?
iCOMBAT manufactures all of their own equipment and develops all of its own software in house in Wisconsin, USA. No external manufacturing or development occurs. We also own several patents on both equipment and software, which helps to secure the franchisees offering to their clients. We have also owned and operated 3 locations organically; all of this tribal knowledge is reflected in the training and support offered by iCOMBAT. The iCOMBAT engine offers not only the most advanced gaming software in laser tag, it also offers an incredible business suite.

iCOMBAT Software Suite features:
  • Ranked gameplay
  • Player accounts
  • Player achievements
  • Kiosk check in and registration
  • RFID gear syncing
  • Cloud storage
  • Point of Sales System
  • Gift Card System
  • Email Newsletter system
  • Elite Membership Program
  • Marketing suite
  • Management/KPI Dashboards
  • ...and more!
What support do you offer beyond the initial training?

There are several support tools that we offer all based on data collected by the ICE software. We offer a monthly review of your performance, marketing, full tech support, continued software development to include new missions and new hardware, and we never stop developing!

Software LicenseTactical License - Ranked Gameplay
Equipment AvailabilityGen3 Tactical Equipment
Service SupportAdvanced team support
Warranty RepairSwap Out Program
TrainingFull multi-week operational training and ongoing support
Trademark UsageFull use of iCOMBAT Trademark and Name
MissionsAll standard missions, Ops4, and Apocalypse
ExclusivityYour field will be given an exclusive Territory from all other iCOMBAT fields based on population density.
MarketingAccess to all iCOMBAT Marketing material, location specific website, location specific Facebook page, complete marketing and advertising plan
Business MonitoringMonthly business monitoring and reporting with assigned Project Manager.
Call CenterWe will provide a toll free number for your customers to call during certain daytime hours when your Center is not open in order to book group events at your Center.
MerchandiseAbility to resell all iCombat merchandise
What standard financing options exist for me?

The most common forms of standard financing are bank loans and/or commercial leases. Any bank loan to start a new business will probably either have to be secured by your personal collateral (such as the equity in your home) or through an SBA guarantee program, and the banks may require both forms of security. Most new franchisees find that securing an open line of credit against their home equity is the easiest and least expensive form of bank financing available to them. Leases can also be a favorable option, since they are typically fast to procure and secured by the assets that are being leased (though they sometimes require a personal guarantee as well). If you have more questions, we are here to help during the process!

We suggest you always seek professional financial advise from your accountant, banker, etc.

What alternative financing options exist for me?

In addition to standard sources, there's always the standby financing source: family and friends. There are also a number of companies that assist people in accessing retirement dollars in IRA or 401(k) accounts, without early withdrawal penalties, to use as a funding source for a franchise business.

We suggest you always seek professional financial advise from your accountant, banker, etc.

What if I already own a laser tag field?
Our FDD provides a way for converting to iCOMBAT from existing brand! This changes everything from costs to design and through branding and opening time tables. Exciting!
Can I operate different income streams within the facility.
Yes, the FDD has allowances for an operator to have different activities or even open a franchise within a FEC or other such activities.