Frequently Asked Questions



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What is the iCOMBAT Loadout?
iCOMBAT took all of the tools that are afforded to their field locations and separated them into easy to understand categories. A field operator can now choose what tools they need and what tools they feel they can implement on their own. This creates a simple solution for each and every operator. iCOMBAT will assist at every step of the process and beyond to help make your company successful.
Can I guarantee an area of operations free of iCOMBAT competition?

Yes, part of The Loadout is the Theatre of Operations. This is a negotiated region where a new Software license can not be sold. This guarantees that even if a third party were to move equipment into said region, they would not be able to offer the same level of experience.

What does field design include?
The iCOMBAT team has designed several incredible facilities around the world in far-ranging locations such as Mexico and Dubai. iCOMBAT will work with your business to design the most immersive field possible. We first take into account the playability of the field as it applies to your style of laser tag. We then work with your team on the style of theming that best fits the space and will provide CAD Drawings and 3D renderings (digital re-creations) of the field and lobby. This can then be taken to the general contractor and the architect on the project.
How much does it cost to open a field?
There are many variables to the cost of a field. Here is an example table of costs:
LASER TAG EQUIPMENT$30,000$175,000
OPERATING CASH (3 MONTHS)$40,000$60,000

How long does it take to open?

Once you have your field design in place and your contractor chosen, you can be open in as little as 3 to 5 months time.

Does iCombat offer Franchises?
iCOMBAT does not offer Franchising. The iCOMBAT team took the feedback from their clients about what they like and dislike about franchising and translated it into The Loadout, allowing clients to pick and choose products and services for more flexibility.
What sets you apart from your competitors?

iCOMBAT manufactures all of their own equipment and develops all of its own software in house in Wisconsin, USA. No external manufacturing or development occurs. We also own several patents on both equipment and software, which helps to secure the franchisees offering to their clients. We have also owned and operated 3 locations organically; all of this tribal knowledge is reflected in the training and support offered by iCOMBAT. The iCOMBAT engine offers not only the most advanced gaming software in laser tag, but it also offers an incredible business suite.

iCOMBAT Software Suite features:
  • Ranked gameplay
  • Player accounts
  • Player achievements
  • Kiosk check in and registration
  • RFID gear syncing
  • Cloud storage
  • Point of Sales System
  • Gift Card System
  • Email Newsletter system
  • Elite Membership Program
  • Marketing suite
  • Management/KPI Dashboards
  • ...and more!
What if I already own a laser tag field?
iCOMBAT equipment is extremely adaptable and has no specific requirements to be integrated into an existing field. You can even use different equipment for different times and age groups in what we like to call "Hybrid Laser Tag". For example use our tactical equipment during later hours with an older clientele base to generate more revenue.