At the beginning of 2016 Sig Sauer’s hit TV show, Elite Tactical Unit was released on the Outdoor Channel. The reality show gives an inside look at SWAT team competitions. America’s finest show off their unique skill set while training for numerous types of real-life situations. The show uses iCOMBAT Equipment for simulated tactical training scenarios. We have provided ETU with just about every piece of equipment we offer and are proud that America’s front-line officers stand behind iCOMBAT Equipment. Check out the video below!

This year iCOMBAT Equipment officially released iCE (iCOMBAT Engine) 5.0, the most advanced laser tag gaming software on the planet. This system gives anyone the ability to control every aspect of the game and business from one place. The system is simple to use and is compatible with your Windows operating computer. With the click of the mouse access finances, marketing tools, in-game play, scheduling, and more. Interested in stepping up your game? Check out our software tab for more info and purchasing options.

iCOMBAT Equipment has a whole new look! Since we continue to lead the industry producing laser tag equipment and software we thought it would be a good idea to look the part. iCOMBAT has recently launched a completely redeveloped logo and brand identity. Our new icon is a symbol of American, military-influenced, hard-hitting, reliability.

We made waves at IAAPA 2016. IAAPA is America’s largest entertainment and amusement expo event. Each year the latest and greatest we show the world what’s to come, and this year was no different. The event hosted over 35,000 registered attractions and iCOMBAT was amongst the brightest. We showed our true colors with a booth design to blow the socks off the competition. We revealed our latest laser tag gun via Facebook Live, the irSMG. This laser tag weapon is the next generation period. The blaster includes TruFrame manufacturing for the most realistic feel, the Gen3 Core – linking this weapon to any of our other products, the all-new AmmoCharge system – which eliminates the need for CO2 and allows for quick ammo reloading, plus so much more. For more information about the irSMG stay tuned to our Facebook page…

It has been another incredible year for iCOMBAT. We are humbly honored to have the opportunity to serve each of our clients and sincerely appreciate the continued support from everyone. We promise to make it our continued mission to bring you the absolute best in laser tag equipment and technology.