After 12 years of honorable service to the outdoor, indoor, mobile, tactical, paintball, haunt, rental, and game truck laser tag markets, we will be ceasing the manufacturing of the Barracuda line as of now. iCombat will be keeping parts in inventory for some time, so we can continue to provide repairs and services – no need to worry about your fleet!

This is also an opportunity for clients that have large fleets to stock up on screens which is the most difficult part to source that is built for iCombat. We would suggest that you purchase 1 per unit and they are $25 a piece if you choose to stay with our Barracuda.

Our replacement for the Barracudas is still in the developmental stages, which we are (for now) calling the Barracuda II. This product will be just as durable and trustworthy as the original that operates in any environment type. It will be compatible with your existing fleet as well as all of our other products and work standalone, gun to gun mode, and with the iCOMBAT Engine (iCE). The Barracuda II will have slick features that were not available with the original Barracuda design from a decade ago. Stay tuned to social media and our newsletters for updates and teasers leading up to the release of the product.

As always I am here to answer any questions you may have on the matter.

We salute the Barracudas and thank them for an outstanding run.


Ocie Mathenia