There IS a way your field or laser tag business can make more money this summer. It’s possible with the addition of going mobile. Chances are, your customers have to come to you. This limits the amount of reach you have, which leads to plateaued revenue.

Going Mobile means bringing your laser tag services to your customers. You can bring your services to those birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, etc etc. Those customers will have more time and money to spend as they are not driving out to your place of business. You also expand your covered area or service. Your in-place laser tag business might only attract customers within a 45-mile radius. By driving outside of that area, you reach new markets and provide something to them they might not have otherwise purchased. Plus, now they are aware of your services and might make the trip to you someday. A mobile laser tag business is a great marketing tool in itself. Don’t limit yourself to your faraway market either, plenty of people close to you would enjoy the benefits of you coming to them.

Running remote, mobile games is slightly different than running them at your normal field or store. Games have to be easier but still fun. Setting up iCE is an option, but most mobile fields run Gun2Gun mode. This allows the participants to easily run and manage their own games. A birthday party of 10-year-olds might be impatient, so letting them run games at their own pace will ensure a fun time. Choosing between iCE and Gun2Gun mode really depends on your audience. If you’re running mobile games at a festival or fundraiser, you can charge per game. Set up a 3-minute game, charge $5, and let them play. Do unlimited health and ammo and determine the winner with the highest amount of hits. Again, it depends on your audience.

Expanding your laser tag business should be a desire of yours. Going Mobile allows you to do just that. You might even find your mobile services generate more demand than your original location! For more info or purchasing email