iCOMBAT introduces a blaster that takes aim at “traditional laser tag facilities” and offers its “hybrid laser tag” business solution to increase open hours and revenue by offering different equipment solutions for younger/older demographics under the same software system. 

iCOMBAT will be launching its Invictus blaster as part of its Gen 3 product line adding to the already successful irSMG, rounding out its equipment line. By adding the Invictus, the Traditional laser tag can be added as a solution to iCombat’s tactical, mobile, rental, outdoor, indoor, and non-gun laser tag solutions The official launch will be at IAAPA 2017 held in Orlando, Florida in November. Other items to be introduced will be the Plate Loader Vest (PLV), the Bell, and a new weapon, along with its always expanding software suite that includes business and gaming applications. This will occur November 13-17 at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center.

“All of our equipment has always been outdoor and indoor capable as well as usable in standalone or with software,” said Ocie Mathenia, Vice President of Sales, “We wanted to include a piece of equipment that was focused on traditional laser tag and includes features that they [laser tag operators] have always counted on as well as include some new capabilities that our other equipment lines have to increase the level of immersion for the end-user. Multi-colored LEDs, haptic feedback, chest sensors that are easy to equip as well as remove and can be tethered (eliminating syncing)  or wirelessly synced, great sounding speakers, multilingual support, full-color touch screen, and a host of other options. The blaster will be able to be used in stand-alone or with our iCOMBAT Engine.”

iCOMBAT clients, especially overseas, have adopted what is being called “hybrid laser tag”, where a facility uses friendlier equipment profiles for its younger generation of clients and a more realistic profile in both equipment and mission style software to retain and attract older players in order to stay open longer and increase revenue. “Many traditional facilities suffer the post-dinner time dive, where the younger demographic no longer comes to the facility. We want to offer two solutions all under the same system using many of the same parts (this helps with maintenance and reduces costs) so that operators can just flick a switch and start using a system for the demographic which best suits the time of day or night. Tactical and traditional are not competitive, they are complementary and what is important here is to keep your facility full of clients for as long as possible!” 

All of the equipment that iCOMBAT manufacturers is compatible with, allowing for operators to tailor the equipment configurations to their needs. The equipment can work with the iCOMBAT Engine, which not only has the ability to have the operator create “custom matches” but has different licensing levels to include ready-made missions, business modules, and even online ranking for players with achievements and a social network system aimed at increasing repeat business.

“There have been decades of separation between the different types of laser tag” stated Ocie “iCOMBAT as a manufacturer doesn’t believe in that. We believe in giving the tools needed for operators to succeed, here at iCOMBAT #WeAreLaserTag!”