ICE 5.0 is almost here! Prepare yourselves… only 13 days left until the release we’ve been talking about and you’ve been waiting for! ICE 5.0 will be released on August 2nd, 2016!

So first of all, what is ICE? ICE, short for iCOMBAT Engine, is the mother of all software. Not only does it bring your laser tag games to life, but with ICE, a single operator can control every aspect of the game. From gameplay to your individual business operation, ICE can manage everything with the click of the mouse.

Why is a new version of ICE such a big deal? The developers at iCOMBAT have been tediously rewriting the entire ICE Software from the ground up, and have spent months tackling the new redesign to deliver a brand new and improved user experience for everyone.

What can be expected in ICE 5.0? Well, where do I start? Here at iCOMBAT World Headquarters, we have hired additional programmers, developers, and designers who have been meticulously working around the clock for the new ICE 5.0 rollout. Of course, there are too many features to list, but here are just a few of the major changes and updates you will see!

  • Universal Equipment Communication
  • Enhanced Printing
  • Auto Team Balancing System
  • Multiple-monitor Display Options
  • Multi-lingual

So what do YOU have to do? With this new version of ICE headed your way, the next steps are very simple! On August 2nd, ICE 5.0 will automatically update your system. All YOU have to do is update your equipment. Plug them in as you normally would and the equipment screen will pop up with an “UPDATE” button. Simple as that!

With all the changes and improvements coming to ICE, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Our support team has added awesome step-by-step tutorial videos on our Youtube channel, just in case you need a little help updating and navigating the new ICE. You can contact support too by sending an email to

As always, we truly value our loyal operators and distributors, and thank you for being the best part of iCOMBAT!