iCOMBAT has long been known for its incredible laser tag equipment. Since its start in 2005 iCOMBAT has set out to bring businesses and individuals the absolute best hands down. With the help of their managing company Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI), the company has found great success focusing on tactical laser tag more than anything. iCOMBAT and its talented team have invested countless hours perfecting even the most minute details when it comes to the development and manufacturing of their products. Let’s be honest, testing industry-leading laser tag equipment isn’t the worst job in the world. Or is it? After 10 straight hours of trigger testing or staring into wiring diagrams to get it perfect you can imagine even the most fun things in the world can become monotonous. Yet iCOMBAT has continued to lead the industry producing the best laser tag equipment in the world.

The newest line of products is no different. Yet again, iCOMBAT is setting the bar at an all-time high with the release of the first from the GEN3 family, the irSMG. The irSMG, or infrared sub machine gun, is likely one of the most realistic laser guns packed with the most innovative technology this industry has seen yet. The release of the irSMG will undoubtedly change the future of tactical laser equipment as we know it.

So, what makes this weapon of choice so great? To be honest, an endless list of awesome attributes really brings together one solid entertainment gun! To start, the company has produced the gun in TruFame fashion. Everything about the gun’s layout, its mold, the materials it’s made out of, the feel, weight, and stance of the gun is all ultra-realistic. You actually feel like you can run into battle with this thing and take on an entire army. Though we don’t recommend it! The weapon comes standard with a fully adjustable FocusFit stock and FlyRail standard Picatinny rail system. So, you can mount any general accessories on the irSMG and just about everyone can get conformable shooting the gun.

Aside from its badass look, the irSMG was built with the future in mind, get ready for the GEN3 Core. This is where the folks over at UEI have really gone the extra mile. Their electronics engineers have basically invented hardware that is compatible with all of the other iCOMBAT models and is easier to set up, sync, and adjust than anything else on the market. Word has it they’ve included some “secret extra” capabilities for future rollouts, so stay tuned for those.

Oh yes, there’s plenty more… The newest generation of iCOMBAT laser tag guns will eliminate the need for CO2 completely. This is will cut time in refilling the air cartridges and save money on the hardware. Instead the gun comes standard with the all-new BlastCoil realistic recoil system, so the gun has that iCOMBAT signature kickback when it’s fired. The additional attributes also include a new StageFire 2-phase trigger system, built-in SmashAudio speakers, the time-saving Ammo charge system.

Its true iCOMBAT has thought of just about everything with the new irSMG laser tag gun. Those who have heard about it can’t wait to see and those that have seen can’t wait to get their hand on one. The good news is you won’t have to wait long. The irSMG is available for pre-order now and is expected to begin shipping in early March. We recommend getting a move on though because these guns are going to sell out quick!

To pre-order your irSMG today and find out more about this product email us sales@icombat.com today!