Name: Parker Harrell

Rank: General Manager

Base: Modern Mission

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Facility Specs: 8 Acre Outdoor Field; 3 Story Indoor Field

At iCOMBAT Equipment, we build laser tag equipment and technology that we’re proud to see played on fields across the globe. The feedback and support of hundreds of laser tag business owners helps us make be the best in our industry.

Parker Harrell is the General Manager at Modern Mission, a laser tag facility in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and they are dominating the local competition. With both an indoor and outdoor facility, Parker and his team are able to offer the best of both worlds for all occasions. Parker trusts iCOMBAT Equipment to provide the software he needs and the gear that completes the experience for players on his fields.

Whether players are on Modern Missions’ 8 acree outdoor field or battling it out in their three story indoor facility, Parker uses iCOMBAT headbands, M4 rifles and ICE software to provide the best possible laser tag experience for every player.

“iCOMBAT offers the most realistic feel of a laser tag rifle on the market. It has the weight and dimensions of an actual M4 rifle. Our customer’s love the realism and the stats we’re able to provide,” Parker shares.

Our industry-leading ICE laser tag software is used everyday by business owners and managers like Parker. It’s relied on heavily to ensure game play is easy, seamless and helps a wide variety of laser tag business run smoothly.

“The Ice system is nice as in once you get everything set-up… you can load and run the games hassle-free,” Parker explains.

Our job is to make your job easier. Everything we design and build work together to ensure every game is fun, easy and memorable for players.  

Watch Parker’s full video below to learn more about this laser tag leader’s business model and their success with iCOMBAT Equipment. Interested in learning more about how you could own your own laser tag business using our equipment?