Meet the Squad: Pudge

Name: Stephanie “Pudge” Farris
Position: Senior Graphic Designer
Fun Fact: Stephanie’s dad gave her the nickname “Pudge” when she was only 3, and it’s stuck ever since!

Welcome to “Meet the Squad” where you get a behind-the-scenes look at the team that brings the most realistic tactical laser tag experience to life. Our tactical laser tag equipment business continues to grow and expand on our success because of the people you’ll meet here and we’re lucky to have them.

Stephanie, or “Pudge” as she’s known around the office, is iCombat Equipment’s in-house graphic designer and marketing extraordinaire. She started with the iCOMBAT team in June 2015 and hit the ground running by creating everything from Facebook graphics to tradeshow banners. Do you follow us on social media? If you don’t, you should and If you do, you’ve seen Pudge’s work in action!

The graphics and visuals you see from our company online all originated from Pudge’s creative and laser-tag-loving mind. Inspiration is huge for a designer. To stay engaged with our laser tag players, Pudge makes sure to get on the laser tag battlefield as often as she can to play new missions or to check out the latest iCOMBAT Equipment laser tag gear. To make sure she’s able to create edgy and industry-leading designs, she follows bold designers like Ben Frost and pays attention to unique designs on anything from a craft beer label to a snowboard design.

Pudge didn’t expect to land in the world of tactical laser tag but she’s glad she did. The fast-paced workplace, ability to enhance her work, and the great team she works with at iCOMBAT have made the transition seamless. For other graphic designers who are just getting into their careers, Pudge encourages you to think outside of the box. Take internships to better your skills, network, and maybe, just maybe, even land your dream job.