Name: Rick Jensen
Position: President
Barracks Call Sign: Genesis

Welcome to “Meet the Squad”. We want to give you the chance to take a closer look at iCOMBAT and the brilliant folks on our team that make this tactical laser tag equipment business so successful.

iCOMBAT Equipment would like to introduce the founder and president of iCOMBAT, Rick Jensen. Rick is the one who has had the vision and drive to make iCOMBAT a reality. iCOMBAT began as a micro startup and gained traction almost instantly. The demand for laser tag entertainment is growing rapidly. iCOMBAT is now serving clients all around the world!

At a young age Rick was involved in active sports and began to excel in martial arts. He was also naturally drawn to paintball. The more he played the more he noticed the inherent problems. “Paintball is messy, it hurts, the indoor fields look horrible, there was no scoring, and it was easy for your opponent to simply wipe the paint off and say they did not get hit. I wanted to create a solution to these problems and create a truly immersive playing experience. Thus, iCOMBAT was born.” Rick says. Rick founded iCOMBAT in 2005 and the rest is history.

Rick’s vision was to create something that everyone could play, no matter your age or gender, anytime, anywhere, without having to buy a bunch of equipment or supplies. A game that forces your mind to think strategically and your body to compete on a physical level. “At iCOMBAT it’s the immersive game play that I love. It’s a combination of equipment, software, and field environment that creates the real-life Call of Duty experience.” As with most entrepreneur’s it’s easy to see how excited Rick gets when talking about tactical laser tag.

Today Rick is still very involved in almost all aspects of the business. From testing new products, to discussing a marketing strategy, even talking with potential clients about the brand the industry-leading laser tag products he has worked to create. Rick lives to innovate while cultivating new business and loves helping to bring new jobs to the community.

Moving forward Rick has big plans for iCOMBAT Equipment. “The entertainment industry is quite possibly one of the fastest-growing market segments, and everyone at iCOMBAT understands that. We plan to help other businesses take complete advantage of these opportunities and work to help build success!” iCOMBAT is hands down the industry leader in laser tag equipment, laser tag business management, and the king of laser tag technology innovation.