A 12,000 Sq Ft Arena has opened in Michigan featuring iCombat Equipment! Mi-Combat has an indoor field that has players from iCombat fields traveling to Michigan to experience this tactical arena. The drive may be long but regulars were impressed with this new field.

“We got to meet their Owners and Field Manager, who were all very friendly and hospitable. They gave us free shirts, snacks, and beverages. All unexpecting, but very appreciative of their generosity.” – LadyPhantom from iCombat Madison

“We got to play with a few of their veteran players, who had great sportsmanship. Their field is pretty big and contains a lot of different buildings and props to provide coverage.”  – iCombat Regular

They offer public sessions along with private events tailored to birthday parties, team-building events, and group get-togethers. Mi-Combat stands out from any other laser tag arena with our realistic laser tag equipment and live stat tracking on international leaderboards. If you find yourself in Michigan, check out Mi-Combat!

Interested in buying iCombat equipment?

Email -> sales@icombat.com