North of Australia and Papua New Guinea, east of the Philippines and Vietnam, and southeast of China and Japan sits a chain of islands known as the Mariana Islands. Not well known besides its’ speckled WWII history, Saipan, the second largest of the Mariana Islands (behind Guam), has almost 50,000 inhabitants within 44 square miles. 

Now, Saipan is known for white sandy beaches, restaurants, shopping centers, resorts, coral reefs, and lagoons and has become a popular tourist destination for diving, hiking, relaxing…

…And laser tag! 

For the past 7 years, the Pacific Islands Club Resort in Saipan has hosted an annual laser tag tournament drawing in locals and visitors alike. Using the iCOMBAT Barracuda, 16 teams went head-to-head in the 7-hour bracket-style tournament.

Pretty cool! Check out the write-up HERE, and visit our equipment for more information on the versatile Barracuda!