Meet Steve from Support!

One of the great services you will get with joining the iCOMBAT family is the amazing assistance from our support team. In this blog, you’ll get a quick behind-the-scenes look at our Support Leader Steve!

Steve’s story begins how you would want it to start… at iCOMBAT. This wasn’t always his “career” position, but how most things begin, it was an evolution that landed him where he is today. Steve started playing iCOMBAT at the Waukesha location and quickly became a “regular” maintaining in the top 5 on the leader board for months. The ability to play with ultra-realistic equipment sparked an interest that was more than just for entertainment. He wanted to know the ins and outs of the system. Although he was working in the Geek Squad full time, he took a second job working for iCOMBAT.

“I was able to see just how special iCOMBAT was; they make the whole systems in-house and in the USA. I was able to play with and meet the program staff, owners, and builders of the equipment during my stead”, says Steve.

Down the line, an opportunity arose in Geek Squad that would not allow any free time for him to work at the fields, so he had to leave iCOMBAT. However, as fate would have it, he was contacted by some previous iCOMBAT coworkers and alerted to a job opening that was right up his alley. A position for the Lead Field Technician had opened up and with no hesitation, he quickly re-joined iCOMBAT. Through the years, his role in the company has evolved and grown to where he is today.

“I love meeting our new clients who just get our equipment! Working with them from start to finish and seeing them expand their business is great. It’s always wonderful when they need more and more equipment because they are flourishing,” he says.

With so many different pieces of equipment that iCOMBAT offers, which one is Steve’s favorite?

“My favorite piece of equipment is the StressX Belt. Not just because it’s amusing to watch people get shocked, but because it really changes the pace of the games. I have seen people who normally sprint about the field and get MVP every game suddenly slow down and creep in the corners because they are too afraid to go out. The added consequence for getting hit truly makes it Tactical Laser Tag.”

Although iCOMBAT mostly is all hearts, flowers and butterflies, there are definite challenges to his position. Finding the best way to manage the ever-expanding client base is definitely tough. iCOMBAT has clients worldwide, so coordinating after-hours support for those in different time zones and in many different languages can be extremely difficult.

Although his dedication to iCOMBAT spans his many talents, once in a while, the man needs a break! He likes to keep busy by working on cars and following World Rally Cross. He also enjoys playing computer games with others in the iCOMBAT office.

If Steve could offer any advice to equipment owners/operators, it would be to watch the patch notes section on iCE to see what is being updated and how it may affect your business. Stay on top of the updates (yes, they can come quickly at some times) as they come out to fix or improve something. Also, he mentions always write down iCE/Barracks passwords and usernames… they’re a bit important!

Please feel free to write to us and let us know what features and additions would make this system even better than it is. Every month, Steve creates a write-up with all the suggestions and ideas to present, and iCOMBAT tries our best to incorporate them into our releases.