Check out one of our newest iCOMBAT clients with not only tactical laser tag but a unique business that allows you to drive an FV433 Abbot Military Tank and crush cars!

Tank America located in Melbourne, FL recently opened and gives guests an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the combat zone. The laser tag field is an interactive combat zone that allows players to feel like they are in Asia under attack. Players can then go outside where they are driven in an Armored Personnel Carrier Tank to the battlefield. Once on the field, you get to go through the course driving the FV433 Abbot Military Tank you even get to crush a car while driving.

Our iCOMBAT team was in Florida last month for the IAAPA conference and got the opportunity to not only see the facility but drive a tank as well! Stephanie our Senior Graphic Designer recalled it as being, a really unique experience that allowed her to realize what her brother felt like because he was a Tank Commander in the Marines. Pictured is the tank that she and the team got to drive through the combat terrain and over an actual car. There are two different levers used to drive the tank and turn it left or right. She said she picked it up really fast and that her only regret was being too gentle. Below are some pictures of their adventure at Tank America. If you are ever near Melbourne, FL check this place out!

Link to article about Tank America here!