Laser Tag Equipment For Every Type of Business

iCOMBAT can effectively increase your revenue to the next level

Welcome to iCOMBAT tactical laser tag. You won't find more innovative laser tag equipment anywhere else. Whether you're a new business or a long time industry titan, we have systems and software that will bring you to the next level, reaching more markets than ever before. iCOMBAT systems are in use by entertainment facilities and law enforcement agencies alike, combining for more than 700 different operators in every corner of the globe.

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Innovation Means Progress

The iCOMBAT Difference

We've been designing and manufacturing laser tag sets since 2005, so we know a thing or two about the industry. Our operators are the heart and soul of everything we do and we are proud to own and operate our own chain of laser tag centers. We put our money where our mouth is and stand by our products through thick and thin.

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Start Your Laser Tag Business

Ready to join one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world? We provide the products, services, support, and planning you need to be successful. Get started today!

Law Enforcement

Elite Tactical Gamers

Forget everything you know about laser tag. iCOMBAT uses the most realistic equipment on the planet, inside of fully immersive arenas. Black lights, neon, plastic space guns, and rainbow colors are a thing of the past

Did we mention your gamer profile allows you to track all your stats and achievements?

All Age Entertainment

Used By Everyone

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies around the world have been using iCOMBAT systems in a variety of training programs for years. Local, state, and federal departments require the efficiency that only iCOMBAT can provide.

iCOMBAT is a scheduled GSA provider.

Elite Tatical Gamers

All Age Entertainment

We know laser tag appeals to all ages, and our full line of equipment is sure to suit your players. Our entertainment and Hero Blast lines are designed to be simple and easy to use by both younger and older players alike.

No matter your business desires, we got you covered.

Full Player and Facility Management

Player Profiles
Gaming Software
Operations Management

Player Profiles

Players create profiles that follow them around to any licensed iCOMBAT facility. Every stat from the battlefield can be viewed on the Barracks at any time. Track wins, losses, shots fired, achievements earned, match history, and so much more.

Gaming Software

Facilities can fully control their tactical laser tag gaming with the ICE software. Choose our exciting preset missions or create your own. Plus, you can fully integrate props like the Dominator for an added twist. Unlike other laser tag systems, our props track players and team stats.

Operations Management

The Barracks software allows operators to fully control their business. You can set up sessions and payments, manage your finances, analyze marketing data, set up coupons and emails, and more.