Premium Laser Tag for Family Entertainment

The most exciting outdoor laser tag equipment.

Optimal laser tag for any business

iCOMBAT laser tag systems are perfect for indoor and outdoor use no matter which type of laser tag business you are choosing to pursue. Mobile games, FEC's, roller skating rinks, campgrounds, rental centers, paintball parks, arcades - you name it.

Simple design. Extreme durability.

Don't settle for complicated laser tag

No wires, no vest, no mess, no fragile parts. Simply turn on the unit and begin playing. Start off simple and use more features as you move along.

"We love iCOMBAT because it is so simple and easy to use..."  - Lisa K, Laser Tag Anywhere

Hero Blast Red
Hero Blast Purple
Hero Blast Green
Hero Blast Blue

Non-gun solutions for any market

Hero Blast is a non-gun laser tag system designed for younger players to be used in any market.

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Something for everyone.

Fun for the whole family

Anyone can play with iCOMBAT laser tag entertainment systems and have fun. Moms, dads, daughters, sons, friends, and coworkers will enjoy the complete game customization for any occasion. Let the backyard battle begin!

Family Fun

More features than any other laser tag system.

Live scoring and unlimited game variations

Enjoy quick play options, customizable games, personalized live scoring, and so much more. Set up teams, enable respawn or friendly fire, choose your ammo and health, or even set your game ending event such as last player or team standing. Only iCOMBAT shows you a final score screen on the gun so players can see how well they did.

Live scoring and unlimited game variations

More options for more fun.

Expand your experience

Add more games with the Wireless Target. Set up shooting galleries, obstacle courses, Simon Says, and more.

Give players more target area to shoot at with the irHeadband. Zombie and Medic game are also possible since the headband can be used with or without a laser tag gun.

If you're looking for objective based gameplay, checkout the Dominator and Respawn Pods. These can be used in limited fashion in Gun2Gun games, but can also be syned with ICE for unlimited gaming options.

Unlimited experiences for your gaming arena.

Our laser tag software does everything

Connect up to 100 iCOMBAT laser tag systems to the iCOMBAT Engine (ICE) for complete game control and countless features. A single operator can set up and maintain all of your games remotely from a PC.

All game data is presented in real time, so players can see who is alive and dead, how much time and ammo remains, and who is in the lead.

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Popular around the world.

iCOMBAT is used by over 700 operators and counting!