• Plate Loader Vest
  • Business in a Box - Barracuda
  • irBell
  • irM4
  • Invictus
  • irM4 SBR
  • irM4 CQB
  • ir.SMG
  • Barracuda
  • Barracuda Pro
  • irGrenade
  • Hero Blast
  • Business In A Box - Hero Blast
  • irVest
  • Hero Vest
  • irHeadband
  • Bandoleer
  • StressX Belt
  • SmartMag
  • Wireless Target
  • CCM Server
  • Dominator
  • Respawn Pod

Laser Tag Equipment

Equipment for any budget and market.

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Whether you're just starting your laser tag business, or have operated for years, iCOMBAT has the perfect equipment solution for you. You'll find systems for any budget and any market, giving you exactly what you need. Start out small and expand your fleet as you grow. iCOMBAT systems are not like others on the market today. You'll find more features, more realism, more variety, better software, and far more innovation than anywhere else.

Need Financing?

Lease Process has worked with many iCombat Clients and they are currently offering no payments and no deposits for 90 days to customers interested in starting a new business or adding on to their existing business. Visit their website and fill out an application.

Lease Process is a financing company that works with iCOMBAT clients but has no affiliation to iCOMBAT. iCOMBAT is not responsible for any agreements made with Lease Process

All the right stuff.

More benefits than any other manufacturer
  • Made in the USA for unmatched quality
  • Easier to set up and use than the other guys
  • Complete scoring and rankings with all gear
  • Proven durability in most weather conditions
  • Serving more markets than anyone else
  • Use indoors and outdoors, special modes available
  • Real-time feedback on over 100 guns at once
  • Most customizable equipment and software in the world
  • Easily upgrade your fleet with different models and props
  • Financing Options through QuickSpark Financial
choose your style

Choose your style.

photo for Barracuda

Our all-in-one basic systems are perfect for all ages and markets. They are easy to set up and use, and have withstood the harshest of abuses.

photo for Barracuda Pro
Entertainment Advanced

Step up your laser tag game with the Barracuda Pro. Get a more aggressive look with a variety models sure to suit audiences 13 and up.

photo for irM4 SBR

The ultimate laser tag solution for mature gamers, featuring extreme realism and function. Live noise and recoil immerse players in exciting gameplay anywhere.

photo for Hero Blast
Hero Blast

Laser tag's first non-gun blaster designed for kids 12 and under. Strap it to your wrist and save the world as your own super hero.

photo for Hero Blast
This laser tag gun is packed with new features and is our most genuine and advanced weapon yet. The irSMG offers the most realistic and fun adventure in laser today.



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