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  • ir.SMG
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  • Bandoleer
  • StressX Belt
  • SmartMag
  • Wireless Target
  • CCM Server
  • Dominator
  • Respawn Pod
photo for Bandoleer


Laser tag's simplest wireless sensor.

The Bandoleer is a simpler alternative to the irVest and allows users to add more sensors to his or her body. It can be worn with or without a headband and you can easily sync a weapon to it. The Bandoleer quickly slips onto your shoulder and can be adjusted for most sizes. You’ll notice long battery life, easy cleaning, with supreme quality and durability.

The simplicity of the Bandoleer gives operators a more comfortable, easier to use body sensor compatible currently with the irM4 and irHeadband, with more options coming soon. 

photo for Bandoleer