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  • Dominator
  • Respawn Pod
photo for Dominator


Fully Integrated Objectives

The Dominator brings an entirely new dimension to laser tag gaming. Unlike past or current Domination props, the Dominator syncs seamlessly with the iCOMBAT Engine software (ICE) for complete customization. The prop can be used and controlled in an unlimited amount of games. Players shoot down the center to activate the Dominator, which will change to their team color. ICE will recognize which player and team activated the device and award scoring and achievements accordingly.

You can sync multiple Dominators to the ICE software for a variety of awesome games. The software will recognize how many devices are synced and the score will show on the game screen. In Domination mode, teams are awarded .5 points every second for each device they control - meaning three captured Dominators will yield 1.5 points per second. The ultimate laser tag prop has arrived.

photo for Dominator
photo for Dominator
video for Dominator