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No matter which route you want to take, we can help. Our expert staff can provide you with more helpful information than you’ll know what to do with. Our team can help you decide on a business model or answer questions with your current operation. Learn about our planning, training courses, and more.


Need Financing?

QuickSpark Financial has worked with many iCombat Clients and they are currently offering 90 Days no payments to customers interested in starting a new business or adding on to their existing business. Visit their website and fill out an application.

QuickSpark Financial is a financing company that works with iCOMBAT clients but has no affiliation to iCOMBAT. iCOMBAT is not responsible for any agreements made with QuickSpark Financial

Which business type suits you?

Indoor Laser Tag

Indoor laser tag offers a hot, new, year-round enterprise that serves thrill seekers of all ages. Indoor iCOMBAT facilities represent the pinnacle of entertainment, complete with special effects, thrilling missions, and complete immersion.

Family Entertainment Center

Outdoor Laser Tag

Expand your battlefield to an outdoor setting, complete with massive props and giant playing area. Outdoor laser tag reduces limitations on session sizes, special effects, and mission types.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming operators bring the party to remote locations like backyards, parks, and other events. Operating costs are minimal and our laser tag systems have all the features and no time-consuming hassles.

Family Entertainment Center

Family Entertainment Center

FEC’s searching for the next big attraction need not look any further. Laser tag is a booming attraction right now since customers of any age can have fun playing laser tag games. Get started with iCOMBAT at a low, low cost.

Roller Skating Rinks and Arcades

More and more roller rinks and arcades have been adding laser tag arenas to their floors. This fresh attraction generates new business in itself and also by bringing a new crowd into the building.

Roller Skating Rinks and Arcades

"Whatever you want to do, iCOMBAT has the right product for you. The software is simply amazing."  - Eric K, iCOMBAT Waukesha



Campers always look for activities while on vacation. Keep them on your property with laser tag. You can play in the woods, on an inflatable field, or let them duke it out at their site. Kids and adults alike enjoy this version of hide and seek.

Party Rental Centers

That teenager does not want another bouncy house for his birthday. Put laser tag in your arsenal for a sure hit with older kids and teens. Rent out a box of six units for any type of party with barely any effort!

Party Rental Centers
Paintball and Airsoft Fields

Paintball and Airsoft Fields

Paintball and airsoft fields now have an answer for those too young or not wiling to get hurt and dirty. Laser tag expands your customer base and is easy to add and use. Add the Eagle Eye to existing guns or get stand-a-lone units.

Study the success of others.

See how these businesses solved their problems with iCOMBAT laser tag products

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Battleground Orlando

Case Study #2
Lasertag of Miami

Case Study #3
Rolling Video Games

Case Study #4
Skyline Paintball

Case Study #5
NYZ Apocalypse

Start planning your operation today.

Getting started on the right foot

Like many new or expanding business owners, you might have some questions on what’s best. Our team can help you solidify operational plans, game ideas, customer service, best equipment practices, marketing direction, and more. Prevent costly mistakes before they happen.

The right training ensures longer lasting operation.

Don’t go into battle unprepared

Take our master tech certification course to learn everything about iCOMBAT laser tag equipment. Licensees are recommended to take this course and other operators may choose to do so. The course covers assembly and maintenance, best practices, and troubleshooting. Certified techs receive a certificate and can purchase factory parts kits.

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