iCombat Equipment strives to create the best and most advanced equipment on the market and technology this advanced can sometimes feel superhuman. A commercial released by the Hero Blast Academy showcases the iCombat Equipment Hero Blast and takes advantage of this superhuman feel in a new and thrilling way. Hero Blast Academy is a laser tag attraction located in Birmingham, United Kingdom and provides an X-Men/Superhero experience to their clients.

When you arrive at the Hero Blast Academy they place you in the year 2165, where you have been trained your whole life to master your Hero Blast powers. They transform students from newbies to full-fledged Superheros! But this is not without conflict, their Super Villain is always awaiting students to stray from their honorable path and join him in his fight to destroy the Hero Blast Academy. Will you defeat the Super Villain and his newly developed powers? Or will you fall victim to his dark forces? Visit the Hero Blast Academy and find out!

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