Once again, it is that time of year after a week of recuperation to start to think about our 15th IAAPA show as a company, what it means, and why we go. You sit and think about the hours and hours of standing on your feet attending to clients and potential clients, suppliers, potential suppliers, and potential partners with fantastic ideas of how to incorporate our system with their attractions and businesses. While your body is still hurting from putting in 20 to 30,000 steps a day, searching the event for cool new attractions and tendencies, and just plain old kid-like curiosity and the free Dippin Dots.

The week you spend with your colleagues 24 hours a day, the food and fun, the arguments on how to proceed, how to do better, and more importantly, the sense that you belong to a team where your opinion matters. Missing home, family, loved ones, friends, and pets. Meeting with your overseas colleagues and exchanging ideas and learning from each other on a crazy myriad of subjects.

IAAPA is undoubtedly the world’s most important show for the entertainment industry. We’ve attended Europe, North America, and Asia IAAPA. We are considering the Latin American convention and others. Here are some statistics from the show:


iCOMBAT has attended this event for a decade and a half. It is a personal matter to show the industry that an American-made product can maintain the standard of quality and technology compared to the global standard. Most of our teammates have been here for eight years or more and have believed in this project.

A couple of years ago, iCOMBAT became an employee-owned company, thus, putting our skin in the game. This past year has been a buzz of new assembly lines, supply chain refinements, new ERP system implementation, new market expansion, and many other tasks. It has been a challenge, but now it is our challenge, and we are sleeker, faster, growing, and more adaptable than ever before. IAAPA is our chance to transmit that to our clients.

We are extremely happy with this year’s attendance, with the first two days being an avalanche of attendance. High-quality leads and meetings with great questions and great interest. The typical third-day slowdown allows time to meet with prospective clients and other companies in the industry and attend classes to keep up to date with the trends of the entertainment community. The final day is a calm day with final deal closings and dreams of going home and waiting for crate delivery, which this year came after midnight!

IAAPA 2022 is in the books, and we are already booked & planning for 2023. We hope to see you there, and if we have never met before, iCOMBAT would love to invite you to attend to meet the team. Invitations will go out around September of next year!

Thank you so much for your continued support.