As laser tag keeps evolving, people want the best experience, more games, and fun obstacles. Our client, MI-Combat, expanded its reach and brought the community to an even better location in Madison Heights, Michigan. 

The focal point of this relocation is the devoted community of laser tag players known as the “Wolves.” Drawing inspiration from five years of feedback and ideas from their loyal customers, MI-Combat proudly introduces a revamped battlefield named Daybreak. Their new location provides opportunities for new game modes and equipment while still allowing them to incorporate familiar bases, buildings, and obstacles. Whether you’re seeking regular sessions or the thrill of special events and tournaments, they deliver an all-encompassing laser tag experience at their new and improved location.

Witnessing the impressive growth and following that MI-Combat has garnered over the years fills us with immense joy. We extend our heartfelt best wishes for their continued success!

For those venturing into the Madison Heights area, assemble your squad, unite your allies, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable laser tag session at MI-Combat’s exciting new venue!

Check out MI-Combat on social media below!