Nine miles of innovative products and services for any type of attraction. From robotics and inflatables to experimental rides… (this game looks amazing). Here is an infographic of the 2016 event turnout.

Needless to say, a very impressive show with 550,000 sq ft of exhibit space; the possibilities are endless!

Last week iCOMBAT attended the annual expo to get a glimpse of what other tactical laser tag companies have planned for 2017, and perhaps more importantly, to show what they have in store for this coming year.

iCOMBAT staff members who attend IAAPA take advantage of the opportunities the event presents for them. They get to meet customers face-to-face that they’ve been interacting with throughout the year over phone and email. As well the ability to meet new people and form new relationships is priceless…

iCOMBAT officially released the first products from their third-generation line, “GEN3” of tactical laser tag equipment, which includes brand new, never-before-seen internal mechanisms. The current equipment uses CO2 cartridges to create a sound and recoil effect, similar to that of a paintball gun, and thus there is a need for ejecting and replacing the CO2 cartridge throughout the game (and employees must continuously refill the cartridges).

With the new tech, there is no need for replacement – no CO2 at all in fact, but the guns still have the same recoil. Full-blown assault-weapon style, size, and weight, with an option for burst or single shot like the old equipment, for use in different style games. The moment the cold metal of the adjustable stock rests in your and your customer’s arms, you’ll feel like you’re going off to battle for life or death, the stakes are high, your team is depending on you to complete the mission… Definitely don’t be carrying these around in broad daylight because someone will call the cops!

To reload, the eject button is pressed, the cartridge comes down about a half-inch, then it is shoved back in and it’s ready to go. So the time it takes to reload is a bit more realistic, and it’s definitely easier for customers to use, and simpler for business owners to maintain.

Often used for military and police, iCOMBAT systems will have your customers, first, impressed just by the sexy, realistic looks of what they get to play with, and second, telling all their friends to come with them next time, again, and again, and again. Very few vendors in the laser tag industry have anything comparable to this technology. Once you extend your business hours for teens and adults, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the transition sooner!