Looking for something to spice up your field? Purchase one of our laser tag props today! iCombat offers the irBell, Dominator, Wireless Target, and Respawn Pods.

Wireless Targets bring a new aspect to your field. Hide the target for players to discover or play wireless target games (tie these into your DMX integration for even more field immersion)! The irBell gives you the ability to play a competitive team building game called “Hells Bells”, named after a fitting classic that will keep your heart racing! The Dominator gives traditional games such as capture the flag with a modern twist. Play domination and give your players a new challenge on the battlefield as well as other Dominator based missions. Lastly, the Respawn Pod lets your players get back into the game quickly and efficiently. Utilize this prop on your field by placing one in each team base. These will ensure a more fluid game as the players are forced to return to their starting points rather than simply respawn next to their objective!

Want to add an iCombat prop to your field?

Email -> sales@icombat.com