What is Mobile Laser Tag?

Portable business – Our Business in a Box(BIB) includes everything you need to start your own laser tag business. It comes in a convenient rolling case so you can roll your business right to the party.

Quick Set-up – Our BIB is easy to set up, all you have to do is open the cover, take out the guns, turn them on, and go!

Fun for all ages – Mobile laser tag is the perfect solution for all ages, it has a tactical feel but is lightweight enough for the whole family to use. Plus, when the parents play at your parties and see how much fun it is they will want to book one too.

Why Choose iCOMBAT?

Business in a box(BIB) – We have two different BIB options, one comes with (8) hero blasts, our non-gun laser tag solution, and a dominator to add different types of gameplay. The other BIB comes with (6) Barracudas which is our most durable gun.

Extremely Durable and Portable – Our mobile laser tag equipment is extremely durable and can be used in all types of weather. Each BIB also comes in its own sturdy case with wheels and a handle that lets you roll it to any location.

Easy To Use – Games can quickly and easily be set up right on the screen to minimize set up time. Our Hero Blasts even allows players to choose your own character right on the screen!

Why Is Mobile Laser Tag A Good Business?

Low Start-Up Cost – Our iCOMBAT BIB allows you to add to an existing business or start your own for a very low investment.

Quick ROI – Mobile laser tag parties generally run around $500 per party and if you book 3 parties that would be $1500/day and in one weekend you can almost make back your initial investment!

Word of Mouth Marketing – Most marketing for Mobile Laser Tag is done right at the parties. By getting both parents and kids involved while playing, you are making it a memorable experience for not only the kids but the parents as well. This will make them and their kids think of you next time they plan a party.

Special thanks to Laser Tag of Miami for the amazing footage!

If you’re ready to be your own boss or add on to an existing business contact us at sales@icombat.com!