Nerdist Chris Hardwick created and hosted the first ID10T Festival + Comic Conival in silicon valley, California. The festival included a Power Ranger themed, outdoor laser tag field. The star of the field was the iCOMBAT Barracuda!

Team Nerdist and Team Power Rangers faced off in a close battle. In the video, you can see actors, RJ Cyler and Becky G., from the new Power Rangers movie playing with Barracudas. The final score was 143 to 140 (see video for the winner).

It’s no wonder why Nerdist chose iCOMBAT Barracudas as their weapon of choice. They are unlike anything else on the market; does not require a headband, vest, or respawn station. It’s the ideal product for mobile laser tag fields like the one at ID10T Fest. It can be used indoor and outdoor with proven durability and long-lasting battery life.

Stay tuned for our newest equipment coming later this year, it will rock the laser tag world!

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