Bullseye Virtual Combat in Flemington is one of only a few fields licensed in the world to utilizes iCombat Equipment outdoors. Their recent feature in ROI By Meg Fry highlights irSMGs exceptional use and performance in an outdoor arena. This outdoor battlefield is not only cost-effective, but appealing to players who want to have an outdoor tactical experience. Check out more photos on Bullseye Virtual Combat’s Facebook Page and Instagram!

iCombat Equipment gives players a real-life version of popular games like “Fortnite Battle Royale” or “Call of Duty”. The realistic feel of the irSMG makes the game not only immersive but ideal for all ages. With iCombat Equipment, you can say goodbye to tacky plastic guns and getting tangled in wires! The wireless system not only tracks your stats on a world leader board but ideal in any setting you choose to build your arena.

Want to open your own Outdoor Laser Tag Field with iCombat Equipment?

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