This is the 3rd in the series of On The Record with Ocie Mathenia. The 1st was on Misconceptions of Starting A Laser Tag Business and the 2nd was on Demographics in Laser Tag. Today we will focus on Props!

Q: What props are used in laser tag and what does iCombat offer?

A: Laser tag in itself is a great experience. Its most traditional game, without a doubt, is a team vs. team deathmatch. This is still true in many venues around the world where the focus remains on the most amounts of tags a player achieves in a game. This is especially beneficial with a younger demographic and allows for rapid turnover of games for a field owner. For return business and in order to challenge a more demanding player, objective-based laser tag is a must. This means incorporating props into the games.

Props have been used for over a decade especially in what started as “outdoor” laser tag, which has morphed into “tactical” laser tag both indoor and outdoor. Props can be simple physical objects such as a flag a player must reach and raise in order to win the game to “bombs” that must be deactivated. There also props that focus make the game more fluid such as respawn points that force a player back to a certain point to respawn back into the game once they have been tagged out. These props increase the need for tactics, coordination, and team-building amongst players greatly enhancing their game experience. There are also props that react with the environment such as triggers that when shot create a reaction be it from animatronics, light, sound, smoke machines, or other reactions from the field environment.

As always here at iCOMBAT we offer products that are flexible in their usage. Indoor, outdoor, software compatible, or stand-alone our props will greatly add layers to any operator’s games. We continue to add accessories but here are some that can be found now:

In stand-alone or used with our licensed software matches these devices increase the cool factor and player experience but when used with the ranked software the scoring algorithm knows exactly which player did what and rewarding them accordingly with experience points as well as achievements. If a player is going for the bell in a match of Hells Bells instead of just hunting down the opposing team and padding his KDT then that player is scored differently. Some players will activate the smoke machines by shooting them and use the smoke as cover! This results in return business as the player learns to use the props on the field to level up and earn more achievements.

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