Name: Jon Parra

Rank: Owner and Operating Manager

Base: SBTactical

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Jon Parra established SBTactical in 2012 utilizing iCOMBAT Equipment gear, software, and support to get his new tactical training company off the ground. Coupling iCOMBAT Equipment’s wide range of tactical laser tag products and a background in strategic armed forces training, Parra has seen SBTactical grow tremendously over the last 5 years.

“Starting SBTactical was probably the biggest challenge of my life following a 20 year Army career. This has been an opportunity for me to stay in the training industry and really bring a skillset that we understand combined with a technology that iCOMBAT brings to the training field. Their technology combined with our experience allows us to take law enforcement agencies to the next level of training,” Parra explains.

Preparing our nation’s first-responders for active shooter scenarios has never been more important. Law enforcement officers and training organizations must routinely ensure every member of their force is prepared to enter life or death situations. Toy guns just don’t cut it.

As the National Law Enforcement and Professional Distributor of iCOMBAT Equipment, SBTactical supports more than 75 law enforcement organizations across the country. Parra’s team trusts iCOMBAT Equipment to manufacturer heavy-duty, long-lasting, tactical gear that officers need to fully immerse themselves in a training scenario.

“iCombat has proven to be an amazing company to work with; their standards for builds is unbelievable. The ingenuity and thought process in everything they do continues to impress us every day. We look forward to continuing our partnership with iCombat and we look forward to continuing to grow with their new products,” says Parra.

The entire team at iCOMBAT Equipment thank Jon Parra for his service to our country and for his continued dedication to our country’s law enforcement organizations. We’re proud to be your partner.

Get a glimpse at the powerful laser tag tactical training that SBTactical delivers law enforcement officers by watching the video now!

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