Newer clients might not know this about iCOMBAT, but we have worked with law enforcement training for many years. We started by transforming a paintball airsoft gun into a laser tag gun. Shortly after, we decided to make tactical laser tag equipment and came out with irM4 and irPistol. We ensured it was replicated to the actual firearms when we designed these two. Tactical laser tag became huge for us. We had people reaching out to us for tactical training or simulated gunfighting using our equipment. We have worked with Elite Tactical Unit: SWAT (ETU), Urban Shield, local law enforcement, SWAT hostage rescues, and more.

Fast forward to today, and we still have people using our equipment for training! Our newest client, ReadyMan, is a community founded by U.S Special Operations veterans and skilled outdoorsmen. They had men face each other in simulated gunfighting over open ground. In their episodes, Ground Combat School, you see them using our M4s and shock belts. It doesn’t get more real than having a shock belt strapped around your abdomen and getting 5,000 volts zapping you after being spotted out in the open! Another video they shared was with Chad Wade, Navy SEAL, driving around as people are trying to ambush him using the irPistols.

iCOMBAT takes laser tag to the next level; whether it’s tactical or traditional, we constantly improve our designs and software. Laser tag doesn’t have to be just a simple concept; there are endless possibilities of what you can do.

To learn more about our law enforcement equipment, check it out here!