Introducing our 4th On the Record With Ocie Mathenia. In this segment, he will be talking about the different types of laser tag and what is currently trending!

What are the different types of laser tag?


  • Traditional laser tag is what most of us remember. It is a simplistic fun craving form of laser tag normally associated with low light conditions where multi-colored LEDs and black light theming are common. It is normally a team v. team or all v. all type gameplay match where an individual or team scores are kept but in a simple point manner given out at the end of each match. “Packs” are the norm with a vest wired to a blaster as the tool of preference.


  • A more modern and often adult-focused form of laser tag, where mission objectives are the goal. It encourages tactics, communications, and a team-win mentality. The “guns” are normally more realistic in nature than the traditional phasers. Scores, statistics, achievements, and ranks are how play value is measured. 


  • Traditionally an outdoor modality of play, where an operator can take his games and fields anywhere for birthday laser tag events. Often time mobile props or inflatables are used to design a field for temporary play. The possibilities are endless and completely up to the operator.

What’s trending for laser tag?

Without a doubt, the trend in laser tag is mission-based gameplay. Attracting the older players and providing games that require strategy and communication is becoming increasingly popular even with traditional centers. Even younger players have accustomed to mission-based games as they are prevalent in online and platform gaming.

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