It is official as of Wednesday, September 23, 2020; iCOMBAT is now part of the East West Wisconsin family! EWW for short.

Universal Electronics and iCOMBAT have been owned by the Jensen family for over 40 years. That is an unbelievable accomplishment for every employee of our company. Selling was a very difficult personal decision but we strongly believe we found the right fit in the East West family. We are confident that our company will be well-positioned to grow and to provide opportunities for all our employees. Looking forward to another 40 years!

There are tremendous manufacturing benefits for iCOMBAT some of which are:

  • Sixteen locations across the globe for sourcing and manufacturing.
  • 3rd party compliance
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • In house plastics

This brings iCOMBAT more manufacturing strength, speed in design, better costing for our products passed on to our clients, and a more robust quality control mechanism. We are very excited about this move and you can expect great things in 2021!


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