iCombat’s parent company, UEI (Universal Electronic Inc), is an electronics contract manufacturer celebrating 40 years in business this year. 40 years of American made electronics is something that brings us a lot of pride! UEI manufactures the iCOMBAT equipment in one of its two manufacturing plants in Whitewater Wisconsin. iCOMBAT is a very small part of UEI’s portfolio of products, specializing in circuit board manufacturing as well as box building for fortune 500 companies. With over 140,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and 24-hour operations that center around medical, agricultural, and even military electronics. In these difficult times and as is standard for UEI, they have risen to the challenge and are now in the fight against COVID-19. 

UEI/iCombat is taking action against the COVID-19 outbreak by helping with the manufacturing of electronic components that integrate into a UV light system. The system is an automated triple emitter UVC-C used to clean hard surfaces ridding them of COVID-19. UEI/iCombat has been supporting the project with manufacturing services for many years and through this partnership, UEI/iCOMBAT was selected for this task. With expanded manufacturing capacity and proven expertise at the Whitewater facility, UEI/iCombat can scale up and support increased volumes of these innovative and life-saving products as the need arises. 

Another bi-product of UEI/iCOMBAT’s partnerships was the retooling of an already existing product into a respirator for the treatment of pulmonary problems and with COVID-19 in mind, they have ramped up production and are assisting with the manufacturing of these ventilators.

UEI/iCOMBAT remains committed like many others in American made manufacturing to assist where and when we can in this battle against COVID-19.