The new irShotgun is here! Some of the features include:

  • Simulated Shell Tube Loading
  • Shell Accountability
  • Real Rack Action
  • Shotgun Pattern and Damage
  • Optic Ready Fly Rail

The shotgun gives you the ability to mount a red dot or other optic on the picatinny rail, load shells by pressing the button in the tubular magazine, every time you rack the pump you lose a shell even if you do not fire, accurate shell chambering and high damage in large spread short range, and limited damage long range. This new product is compatible with any of our laser tag products and software.

Upgrade your arsenal with the new irShotgun. The newest and most technologically advanced laser tag shotgun on the market! Give your players the best of the best and a laser tag experience unlike any other.

Want to purchase your own irShotgun?

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