Happy Wednesday! Seems as if we are going to get a bit of reprieve from the cool weather… for now. Indian Summer has arrived, despite the rain. However, in the past week, the weather has been awfully chilly. I welcomed in the warm soups, pumpkin sightings, caramel apples, and mums on my front porch.  One thing that also comes with this time of year is Halloween!

Some people love Halloween. Some people really dislike Halloween. I am in the latter category. As a kid, I loved the thought of running around the neighborhood dressed up in silly costumes and filling up sacks with candy that lasted me about a week. Now, the novelty has worn off and I realized how much of a scaredy-cat I am. I dislike clowns and ghosts and goblins. Zombies started as distant folklore, but have now emerged and taken off in popular culture, thanks to shows and movies like “The Walking Dead” and “Day of the Dead”.

Since Zombies have become so popular, Laser Tag fields focused on Zombies have emerged throughout the world. Some fields run Apocalypse style, which is more of a live-action zombie-kill experience set in a maze/haunted house environment. You’re put face to face with the zombies, but with the ability to “kill them” and get bit by them which will affect your stats. One of the biggest is Slaughter House in Tucson, AZ. Slaughter House is a Haunted House with multiple attractions in the same building, including their “Apocalypse” zombie action feature. 

At the iCOMBAT fields, we are also busy getting ready for the “iCOMBAT Zombie Apocalypse”. Held the last two weekends in October, players have specific missions to accomplish whilst being swarmed by zombies. The iCOMBAT Zombie sessions are different than Slaughter House; at iCOMBAT, sessions are run team vs. a team with an added zombie experience.

For information on fields that run Apocalypse, visit barracks.icombat.com and click on Apocalypse for more info. Specific fields might also run Zombie missions like our iCOMBAT fields, so make sure to check with those that carry iCOMBAT Equipment individually for specials and session times.

Have your own zombie pictures/experiences to share? If so, we’d love to see them! Send them to marketing@icombat.com!